Chelmsford and Colchester named as two of the best places to start a business in the UK

There are plenty of reasons why members of the public ditch the employee lifestyle and go out into the big wide world of business.

Budding entrepreneurs put everything on the line to make their business successful, and often, the first 12 months of a new business can be the hardest – so it’s important to get off on the right foot.

But thankfully, there are ways to get fortunes on your side without going on Dragon’s Den, and it’s as simple as setting down camp in the right place.

And two Essex towns made the top ten.

According to Tide, Chelmsford, Essex, is the fourth best place to start a business in the UK outside of London.

Data shows that there’s approximately a 47 per cent survival rate for businesses in their first year in Chelmsford.

There’s a number of active business accounts, a decent business-per-person percentage, giving Chelmsford an overall score of 7.26 out of ten.

In fifth place is another Essex town – Colchester.

Analysing the data, Colchester comes out with an overall score of 6.77 out of ten.
Here are the top ten areas in England to start a business in outside of London

Bournemouth – Overall score: 8.60
Stevenage – Overall score: 7.70
Watford – Overall score: 7.45
Chelmsford – Overall score: 7.26
Colchester – Overall score: 6.77
Exeter – Overall score: 6.63
Reading – Overall score: 6.40
Peterborough – Overall score: 6.39
Preston – Overall score: 6.34
Blackburn – Overall score: 6.29

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